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dog training and harness training with dog coats

Winter Dog Coat (Warmth Coat)

Warmth Coat

  *All Dog Coats Are Priced By Size*

Keep your dog warm and dry in one of Richards Harness Coat's Warmth Dog Coats. Keep the snow off your dog while taking your mid-winter walks and have a dry dog when you get home. Coats can be used without lead in an enclosed yard so the dog can run, play and be kept drier. 

We use two different types of fabrics for the Warmth Dog Coat shells. Some are made of fleece, which naturally repels water and snow, the others have corduroy outers, both have faux lamb wool linings. This was the original Richards Harness Coat for dogs, designed to protect your dog while keeping him comfortable, warm, and dry.

For the outdoor enthusiast try one of our Field Coats designed of tough durable fabrics; see description at Field Coats on our category listings.

Cooling Dog Coats are great in the summer during those 80 to 90 degree days. Professional dog handlers use our Cooling Dog Coats with their prize winning dogs. Refer to our category listings for further descriptions.

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Blue Snow Flake Product ID : BSF-128
Price: $23.95
London Plaid Charcoal Product ID : LPC-137
Price: $23.95
Blackwatch Plaid Dog Coat Product ID : BWP-001
Price: $23.95
White Buffalo Plaid Dog Coat Product ID : WBP-001
Price: $23.95
Woof Winter Dog jacket Product ID : WF 131
Price: $23.95
Cocoa Paws Warmth Coat Product ID : 130-CP
Price: $23.95
Ms. Bones Warmth Coat Product ID : 127-MsB
Price: $23.95
Red Hounds Tooth Product ID : rd101
Price: $23.95
Red Houndstooth Product ID : rh-101
Price: $23.95
French Toast Product ID : ft-100
Price: $23.95
Multi Stripe Dog Coat Product ID : MS-121
Price: $23.95
Grey Plaid Dog Coat Product ID : GP-102
Price: $23.95
Black Stewart Dog Coat Product ID : BS-101
Price: $23.95

13 Item(s) Page 1 of 1 |   1

Winter dog coats with a built in harness.

Choosing The Right Size

*All Sizes are adjustable

Extra Extra Small XXS 10-13" 9" 3-5 lbs.
Extra Small XS 12-16" 10.5" 6-9 lbs.
Extra Small Long XS-L 12-16" 12" 6-11 lbs.
Small S 15-23" 12" 10-24 lbs.
Small Long S-L 15-23" 14" 10-26 lbs.
Small Wide S-W 21-30" 12" 18-30 lbs.
Medium M 21-30" 15.25" 25-49 lbs.
Medium Long M-L 21-30" 18" 25-49 lbs.
Large L 23-36" 18" 50-60 lbs.
Large Long L-L 23-36" 20" 50-60 lbs.
Extra Large XL 26-40" 20" 60-74 lbs.
Extra Large Long XL-L 26-40" 23" 75-99 lbs.
Extra Extra Large XXL 29-43" 27" 100-175 lbs.
Extra Extra Large Long XXL-L 29-43" 31" 100-200 lbs.

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Michigan Humane Society

The Richards Harness Coat design protects against cool or inclement weather while adding the benefits of a pet friendly harness. You won't find a dog coat that is easier to use. With the Harness Coat, two simple clips and the dog is ready to go. Our Harness Dog Coat incorporates sturdy clip fasteners. We do not use hook and loop fasteners (like Velcro®) as they may sometimes, become worn and then fail. The use of the Harness Dog Coat provides control of your pet without pressure on the throat. The Harness Dog Coat can be used with or without your favorite dog collar or choker. There are many dog coats, dog sweaters, designer dog coats, and pet clothes on the market designed to provide warmth and fashion but they fail to work appropriately with a dog harness and they can be cumbersome to use. Some products do not easily allow your dog to relieve itself without soiling the garment but the Harness Dog Coat is completely open on the underside. Our unique product design avoids rubbing or chaffing and is warm, lightweight and comfortable for the dog while providing a ring for quick hook up and release of a leash by the caregiver.

It is not recommended by the Richards Harness Coat Company, that a dog be left alone or exposed to the elements for extended periods, while using this product.

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